Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein

Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein established and headed the first Yeshiva in South Africa, the Yeshivah Gedolah of Johannesburg. Rabbi Goldfein studied in Telz Yeshiva, under great rabbonim who survived the Holocaust, and was a lifelong talmid muvhak of Rabbi Mordechai Gifter. During this time, he developed a "love of and profound knowledge of" the writings of the Maharal of Prague. With his wife Clarice Goldfein, he came to South Africa from the United States in 1972, "with a mission to establish an authentic, world-class yeshiva... for the training of South African rabbis for South Africa", and "Yeshivah Gedolah" was established the next year, originally based at the Yeshiva College of South Africa. The Yeshivah's derech is built on "Telshe derech", stressing Mussar and Derech eretz alongside Talmud study. In a complementary fashion, the derech of the Maharal influences the Yeshivah's approach to learning, and more particularly, its Hashkafa.
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Beshalach - The Ten Plagues(3 of 4*): ‘Locusts, Darkness.’ (*see comment for next Part) Beshalach 80 min
Beshalach - Tu B'shvat: "Behold man is like a tree of the field." Beshalach 70 min
Beshalach 1980 - Untitled (PQ - poor audio quality) (incomplete shiur) Beshalach 52 min
Beshalach 1982 - Untitled Beshalach 58 min
Beshalach- (3 of 3*) Moshe Rabbeinu- The beginnings of the great redeemer- (*see comment for other Parts) Beshalach 63 min
Yisro - "Honor your father and mother in order that your days shall be lengthened..." The great mitzvah of kibud av va'em Yisro 79 min
Yisro - "Shamor Ve'zachor" - to guard and to remember - the dual character of shabbos Yisro 76 min
Yisro - "Six days you shall labor and do all of your work." Yisro 73 min
Yisro - "Wherever you shall mention My name, I shall come to you and bless you." (VPQ very poor audio quality) Yisro 63 min
Yisro - "You shall be to Me an empire of kings and a sanctified nation" - greatness and glory and the enormous responsibility that comes with them Yisro 73 min
Yisro - 1. "And Israel camped opposite the mountain - united like one man with one heart." 2. Tu Beshevat - the anniversary of the trees Yisro 71 min
Yisro - A number of great principles relating to the Torah and its study Yisro 62 min
Yisro - Great principles of life derived from various points of the sedrah Yisro 67 min
Yisro - Honour your father and mother in order that your days be lengthened Yisro 73 min
Yisro - Law & Justice Yisro 63 min
Yisro - Preparation for the giving of the Torah. (Ten principles learnt from the verses written prior to the Ten Commandments.) Yisro 61 min
Yisro - The 15th of Shevat - anniversary of the trees Yisro 44 min
Yisro - The Ten Commandments Yisro 70 min
Yisro - The Ten Commandments Yisro 70 min
Yisro - The Ten Plagues(4 of 4*): Smiting of the first-Born. (*see comment for other Parts) Yisro 106 min
Yisro - To honor and respect one’s parents Yisro 88 min
Yisro - Torah must be pursued; a discussion of how one must approach Torah. Yisro 69 min
Yisro - Tu B'shvat - The Anniversary of the Trees Yisro 78 min
Yisro - Tu B'Shvat - what can be learned from a tree Yisro 63 min
Yisro - Yisro and Tziporah Yisro 77 min