Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein

Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein established and headed the first Yeshiva in South Africa, the Yeshivah Gedolah of Johannesburg. Rabbi Goldfein studied in Telz Yeshiva, under great rabbonim who survived the Holocaust, and was a lifelong talmid muvhak of Rabbi Mordechai Gifter. During this time, he developed a "love of and profound knowledge of" the writings of the Maharal of Prague. With his wife Clarice Goldfein, he came to South Africa from the United States in 1972, "with a mission to establish an authentic, world-class yeshiva... for the training of South African rabbis for South Africa", and "Yeshivah Gedolah" was established the next year, originally based at the Yeshiva College of South Africa. The Yeshivah's derech is built on "Telshe derech", stressing Mussar and Derech eretz alongside Talmud study. In a complementary fashion, the derech of the Maharal influences the Yeshivah's approach to learning, and more particularly, its Hashkafa.
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Eikev - "You shall eat, and be satisfied and bless the A-mighty." The obligation to bless Hashem on one's satisfaction and why was bread chosen to be the staff of life Eikev 67 min
Eikev - (1 of 2*)Birchas Hamazon - "Benching" after one's meal. (*see comment for other Part) Eikev 47 min
Eikev - (1 of 2*)The wisdom of derech eretz- (*see comment for next Part) Eikev 76 min
Eikev - Birchas Hamazon (Bentching, Grace After Meals) Eikev 69 min
Eikev - Man's bread Eikev 74 min
Eikev - Parnosa - Man's Bread Eikev 72 min
Eikev - The 15th of Av Eikev 62 min
Eikev - The brachos of Eretz Yisroel Eikev 77 min
Eikev - The first tablets and the second tablets Eikev 79 min
Eikev - The miracle of bread and of man's sustenance Eikev 83 min
Eikev - The second chapter of the Shema Eikev 68 min
Eikev - The second chapter of the Shema Eikev 52 min
Eikev - Unconditional and unlimited love for the A-mighty Eikev 81 min
Eikev - What does the A-mighty ask from you? Only to fear Him... Eikev 66 min
Eikev - You shall love the Lord your G-d. Eikev 64 min
Eikev 1981 - Untitled Eikev 75 min
Re'eh - "Behold, I set before you this day blessing and curse." How we can govern blessing and curse Re'eh 69 min
Re'eh - "To listen to My mitzvahs...to guard My mitzvahs..." Re'eh 73 min
Re'eh - "We are obligated to be more diligent in the fulfilment of the mitzvah of tzedakah (charity) than in any other positive commandment." RAMBAM Re'eh 90 min
Re'eh - (2 of 2*)Birchas Hamazon - "Benching" after one's meal.(*see comment for other Part) Re'eh 63 min
Re'eh - (2 of 2*)The wisdom of derech eretz- (*see comment for other Part) Re'eh 87 min
Re'eh - 1. The wisdom of Torah must be guarded inside oneself; 2. Torah which is not studied is Torah which is not fulfilled; and 3. Man is obligated to do what is good in the eyes of Hashem and upright in the eyes of his fellow man. Re'eh 58 min
Re'eh - Blessing and curse and the reward of mitzvahs Re'eh 50 min
Re'eh - Chag HaSuccos Re'eh 67 min
Re'eh - Cults Re'eh 87 min