Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein

Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein established and headed the first Yeshiva in South Africa, the Yeshivah Gedolah of Johannesburg. Rabbi Goldfein studied in Telz Yeshiva, under great rabbonim who survived the Holocaust, and was a lifelong talmid muvhak of Rabbi Mordechai Gifter. During this time, he developed a "love of and profound knowledge of" the writings of the Maharal of Prague. With his wife Clarice Goldfein, he came to South Africa from the United States in 1972, "with a mission to establish an authentic, world-class yeshiva... for the training of South African rabbis for South Africa", and "Yeshivah Gedolah" was established the next year, originally based at the Yeshiva College of South Africa. The Yeshivah's derech is built on "Telshe derech", stressing Mussar and Derech eretz alongside Talmud study. In a complementary fashion, the derech of the Maharal influences the Yeshivah's approach to learning, and more particularly, its Hashkafa.
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Bo - "And the dwelling of Yisrael in Egypt was 430 years." (A review of parshas Shemos, Va'era, and Bo) Bo 67 min
Bo - 1. "And I shall harden the heart of Pharaoh and the hearts of his servants." 2. Why was Moshe born with a speech handicap. Bo 66 min
Bo - Derech eretz and the mitzvahs of the Torah Bo 64 min
Bo - Moshe the leader and the redeemer Bo 64 min
Bo - The final three plagues (locusts, darkness & smiting of the first-born) Bo 85 min
Bo - The four sons Bo 43 min
Bo - The going down to Egypt and the subsequent enslavement - a carefully calculated step-by-step process Bo 57 min
Bo - The going out of Egypt and the concept of time Bo 69 min
Bo - The smiting of the first born Bo 67 min
Bo - The Ten Plagues(2 of 4*): ‘Pestilence, Boils, Hail.' (*see comment for next Part) Bo 65 min
Bo 1982 - Untitled Bo 64 min
Bo- (2 of 3*) Moshe Rabbeinu -The beginnings of the great redeemer-(*see comment for next Part) Bo 51 min
Beshalach (1 of 6*)- "I will sing to Hashem for He is exalted."(*see comment for next Part) Beshalach 73 min
Beshalach (2 of 6*)- "The A-mighty is the master of war." An explanation of lines 3-6 of the Shirah.(*see comment for next Part) Beshalach 60 min
Beshalach (3 of 6*)- "And in the greatness of Your majesty You destroy those who stand up against you." (Explanation of verses 7-10)-(*see comment for next Part) Beshalach 55 min
Beshalach (4 of 6*)- "Who is like unto You among the mighty, G-d ... Who is like you, majestic in sanctity ..." An explanation of lines 11 & 12 of the Shirah.(*see comment for other Part) Beshalach 74 min
Beshalach (5 of 6*)- Shiras Hayam - Song of the Splitting of the Sea-(*see comment for next Part) Beshalach 56 min
Beshalach (6 of 6*)- "Shiras Hayam" - The song they sang at the splitting of the sea.-(*see comment for other Parts) Beshalach 58 min
Beshalach - "And Miriam the prophetess, sister of Aaron, with musical instrument in her hand ... 'Sing to Hashem for He is exalted .... The horse and rider he has cast into the sea'." Beshalach 58 min
Beshalach - "And the A-mighty led the people about - by the way of the wilderness - by the Red Sea." Beshalach 66 min
Beshalach - "And then sang Moshe and the sons of Israel..." The great level of shirah (song) Beshalach 75 min
Beshalach - "This is my G-d - and I shall beautify Him." Beshalach 74 min
Beshalach - The essence of prayer; the splitting of the sea Beshalach 71 min
Beshalach - The exodus, the splitting of the sea, and Yosef and Yehudah Beshalach 79 min
Beshalach - The phenomenon of the splitting of the Red Sea Beshalach 47 min