Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein

Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein established and headed the first Yeshiva in South Africa, the Yeshivah Gedolah of Johannesburg. Rabbi Goldfein studied in Telz Yeshiva, under great rabbonim who survived the Holocaust, and was a lifelong talmid muvhak of Rabbi Mordechai Gifter. During this time, he developed a "love of and profound knowledge of" the writings of the Maharal of Prague. With his wife Clarice Goldfein, he came to South Africa from the United States in 1972, "with a mission to establish an authentic, world-class yeshiva... for the training of South African rabbis for South Africa", and "Yeshivah Gedolah" was established the next year, originally based at the Yeshiva College of South Africa. The Yeshivah's derech is built on "Telshe derech", stressing Mussar and Derech eretz alongside Talmud study. In a complementary fashion, the derech of the Maharal influences the Yeshivah's approach to learning, and more particularly, its Hashkafa.
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Emor - One must always be "cunning" in the fear of Hashem Emor 65 min
Emor - Seven statements were made regarding the ignorant and uncultivated, and seven regarding the wise and learned. Emor 63 min
Emor - The four species - the lulav, esrog, hadassim, and aravos Emor 74 min
Emor - The mitzvah of the Omer Emor 54 min
Emor - The qualities of Aaron HaKohen and Hillel HaZaken - humility and tolerance Emor 74 min
Emor - The sanctity of the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) - Love peace & pursue peace - Love the people and bring them close to Torah Emor 75 min
Emor - To honor the wise - The days of the Omer - Lag B’Omer Emor 87 min
Emor 1983 - Untitled Emor 70 min
Bechukosai - Seven times the righteous will fall - but again rise up. How to understand the difficulties of life Behar 63 min
Behar - "And they all died during the period between Pesach and Shavuos." Behar 70 min
Behar - "Carefully calculate his fair price" when redeeming your brother from the gentile purchaser Behar 91 min
Behar - Bitachon - the unique quality and power of faith Behar 66 min
Behar - Rabbi Akiva's instructions on perfect balance and on safeguarding one's worldly and spiritual acquisitions Behar 80 min
Behar - The mitzvah of lending money and strengthening one's brother before he falls Behar 70 min
Behar - The period between Pesach and Shavuos Behar 61 min
Behar - The severe prohibition of causing hurt to your fellow man with words Behar 65 min
Behar - To afflict and cause pain with one's words Behar 63 min
Behar - To cause hurt with one's words Behar 79 min
Behar 1981 - Untitled Behar 64 min
Behar-Bechukosai - "A mitzvah is a candle - while the Torah is light itself." Behar 49 min
Behar-Bechukosai - "Great is the study of Torah for it brings one to deeds." Behar 58 min
Behar-Bechukosai - (2 of 2*)Korban Todah (Thanksgiving offering)(*see comment for other Part) Behar 67 min
Behar-Bechukosai - Afflictions, hardships, sufferings, and difficulties Behar 69 min
Behar-Bechukosai - B'tochen - Faith, Trust & Reliance on the A-mighty Behar 62 min
Behar-Bechukosai - Lag B'Omer Behar 66 min