Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein

Rabbi Azriel Chaim Goldfein established and headed the first Yeshiva in South Africa, the Yeshivah Gedolah of Johannesburg. Rabbi Goldfein studied in Telz Yeshiva, under great rabbonim who survived the Holocaust, and was a lifelong talmid muvhak of Rabbi Mordechai Gifter. During this time, he developed a "love of and profound knowledge of" the writings of the Maharal of Prague. With his wife Clarice Goldfein, he came to South Africa from the United States in 1972, "with a mission to establish an authentic, world-class yeshiva... for the training of South African rabbis for South Africa", and "Yeshivah Gedolah" was established the next year, originally based at the Yeshiva College of South Africa. The Yeshivah's derech is built on "Telshe derech", stressing Mussar and Derech eretz alongside Talmud study. In a complementary fashion, the derech of the Maharal influences the Yeshivah's approach to learning, and more particularly, its Hashkafa.
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Pinchas - The standing up for the name of Hashem Pinchas 70 min
Pinchas 1981 - Untitled Pinchas 69 min
Pinchas-(5 of 6*) The mitzvahs which are directly and indirectly related to loshen horah (slander)-*see comment for next Part Pinchas 65 min
Matos - "Avenge the vengeance of Yisrael against the Midyanim." Mattos 85 min
Matos - How precious are words Mattos 85 min
Matos - Oaths and vows of the upright Mattos 73 min
Matos - The definition of truth Mattos 68 min
Matos 1981 - Untitled Mattos 65 min
Matos-Ma'asei - "And the children of Reuven and the children of Gad had great herds of cattle." The pursuit of wealth Mattos 74 min
Matos-Ma'asei - "One who takes vows to prohibit from himself that which is permitted, is as if he has built a private altar." Mattos 78 min
Matos-Ma'asei - "Whoever becomes angry, if he is wise, his wisdom will be lost..." Mattos 73 min
Matos-Ma'asei - A person should always speak a refined, pure, and clean language Mattos 64 min
Matos-Ma'asei - And the sons of Reuven and Gad possessed mighty herds of cattle and sheep - The pursuit of wealth Mattos 64 min
Matos-Ma'asei - Anger Mattos 80 min
Matos-Ma'asei - Anger: to lose control of oneself Mattos 66 min
Matos-Ma'asei - Because Moshe became angry, he erred Mattos 68 min
Matos-Ma'asei - Is talk really cheap? A Torah perspective Mattos 65 min
Matos-Ma'asei - Murder and violence Mattos 60 min
Matos-Ma'asei - Speech Mattos 59 min
Matos-Ma'asei - The 48 attributes necessary for the acquisition of Torah ( 2nd of a series): An explanation of the second 10 attributes. Mattos 67 min
Matos-Ma'asei - The pursuit of material wealth Mattos 76 min
Matos-Ma'asei - The quality of truth Mattos 62 min
Matos-Ma'asei - Violence Mattos 71 min
Matos-Ma'asei - Vows and Oaths Mattos 80 min
Matos-Ma'asei 1983 - Untitled Mattos 77 min