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Pirkei Avos (4) Patience With Others, With Hashem And With Ourselves
Length: 58 min
"Be deliberate in judgement" - the first words of the Men of the Great Assembly at a time of waning prophecy. Taking the time, care and deliberate thought for our important decisions. Accepting Hashem's din (judgement) - thinking it through, and not judging Hashem at a atime of differences. How to utilize patience when we are being judged. By definition, the midas (trait) of din always takes time to unfold - to disect and to look carefully. As opposed to yetzias mitzrayim (exodus from Egypt) which was fast, the final redemption by Mashiach will not be "bechipazon" (speedily), with haste. What is the connection between how we were made and how we live our lives - we ask Hashem to help us find our essence. At the end of time, judgement will take place in Mashiach's Beis Din (court of law), and every Jew will have a tikkun (be repaired). Mashiach is able to utilize his sense of smell to seek out the beautiful essence of every Jew.