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Pirkei Avos (3) Humility - The Only Prerequisite
Length: 58 min
Seeking enlightenment and knowledge by studying or by receiving. A flawed view: Receiving is merely a means towards knowledge in a particular subject matter. Our real objective is to make ourselves into a vessel that is able to receive. The word chochmah (wisdom) consists of the two words "ko'ach" and "mah" - the ability to know that I'm missing something. When Choni Hame'agel, after sleeping for 70 years, reappeared in the beis medrash. The humility required to be able to receive; Moshe Rabbeinu. A Talmud Chacham (student of Torah) can bring very great kavod shamayim (honor of Hashem) into the world. What is the tachlis (purpose) of my learning - to be a scholar to a Jew who receives Torah? Why is it that we no longer produce any R' Moshe Feinsteins and R' Shlomo Zalman Auerbachs; what is the difference between our and the earlier generations? The Aish Kodesh taught how to enter into the souls of the children of this generation. Why is it that we follow the students of Beis (academy of) Hillel even though the students of Beis Shammai were more brilliant?