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Pirkei Avos (1) The Kiss Of Har Sinai - Why The Masechtah Is Called Avos
Length: 57 min
The clear distinction between G-dly and human morals and ethics. An unbroken chain of absolute truth all the way back to Hashem, our Father. There is something different about the way Yaakov shared with Yosef. The light and soul of a teacher infiltrates into the student. The focus is not what is taught, but how it is taught. Similarly a father illuminates and infuses his essence into the child. "U'dvar Hashem mi Yerushalayaim" is an intellectual and lower concept than "ki mi Tzion tetzeh Torah," which is an intimate and emotional connection. Many people know the content of Pirkei Avos but have not succeeded in integrating its derech eretz (proper behaviour) and morals into their lives.