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The Short Long Way And The Long Short Way - Especially In A Filtered World
Length: 54 min
Rav Kook's Ma'amar "Al pnimius haTorah." In our generation all teachings of the inner side of Torah require explanation so that they can spread and reach all parts of our people. Today's mandate: becoming someone who "knows" Hashem and works on having a relationship with Him. We need to understand why we are doing all these things on a daily basis? The answer to the internet problem is NOT doing something to the internet [that is, of course, important, but only a "quick fix" for a symptom, rather than the deeper problem]. At the core of everything is the person's yiras Shamayim (fear of Heaven). Creating a curriculum of emunah (faith) - from first grade and onwards. The same is true for dieting or boy/girl relationships - filters everywhere! Rules and filters will not change our children's hearts and minds. Shalom bayis (peace in the home) matters will not be fixed by buying flowers for the wife on erev Shabbos. Our generation is taught that we can't win, and thus we give up; but that is the guf (body) perspective; we must engage and educate our neshamos (souls) with pnimius (inner) haTorah to combat despair.