Rabbi Akiva Tatz

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz is an international lecturer and author of note. He has written five highly acclaimed works on the deeper aspects of Judaism, some of which have been translated into Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can learn more about him online at www.tatz.cc.
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Passover To Shavuos - Miracles Pesach 61 min
Pesach - Faster Than Time Pesach 43 min
Pesach To Shavuos - Balance & Harmony Pesach 37 min
Pesach To Shavuos - Greater Then The Sum Of The Parts Pesach 69 min
Pesach To Shavuos, 974 Generations Of Souls Pesach 54 min
Shavuos - Closing The Doors Shavuos 63 min
Shavuos - Seeing Sound Shavuos 74 min
Month Of Tammuz - Correct Seeing Shiva Asar B' Tammuz 49 min
Deeper Than Teshuva Chodesh Elul 73 min
Elul - The Place To Be Chodesh Elul 56 min
Teshuva Recreating The Personality Chodesh Elul 77 min
Din Of Rosh Hashana Rosh Hashanah 71 min
Rosh Hashana & Freedom Of Will Rosh Hashanah 72 min
Rosh Hashona Reaching The Root Rosh Hashanah 71 min
Yom Kippur - Beyond The Impossible Yom Kippur 62 min
Hoshana Raba Hitting the Willow Branch Hoshanah Rabbah 52 min
Hoshana Rabba Happiness from the Succah Hoshanah Rabbah 50 min
Chanuka & The Oral Lawv Chanukah 73 min
Chanuka - 3 Names And A Candle Chanukah 52 min
Chanuka - Miracles Before & After Chanukah 70 min
Chanuka - Sun And Moon Chanukah 58 min
Chanuka - Western Mind, Torah Chanukah 61 min
Chanuka And The Midda Of Hod Chanukah 63 min
Chanuka Miracles Before and After Chanukah 70 min
Chanukah & The Hidden Light Chanukah 71 min