Rabbi Akiva Tatz

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz is an international lecturer and author of note. He has written five highly acclaimed works on the deeper aspects of Judaism, some of which have been translated into Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can learn more about him online at www.tatz.cc.
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Chanukah - Oil, Wick & Flame Chanukah 63 min
Chanukah - The Greek In Us Chanukah 65 min
Chanukah - The Light in Your Life Chanukah 53 min
Purim & The Sin Of Adam Purim 70 min
Shabbos - The Real Existence Shabbos 74 min
Yaakov, Esav & The Meaning Of Shabbos Shabbos 67 min
Month Of Teves - Tribe Of Dan Rosh Chodesh 73 min
A Deeper Reality Machshava 62 min
Adams Sin As Mitzvah Machshava 73 min
Beyond Freedom Of Will Machshava 55 min
Beyond Miracles Machshava 12 min
Blessings - Journey To The Self Machshava 54 min
Chesed & Kindness Machshava 60 min
Chumash and the Pattern of Five Machshava 46 min
Daas Inner Knowledge Machshava 79 min
Defining Ones Role In Life Machshava 54 min
Desire Root Of Knowledge Machshava 78 min
Eden River Garden Root Of Speech Machshava 63 min
First Things First Correct Priorities Machshava 58 min
Gettinh High & Staying High Machshava 59 min
Greatness & Despair - Danger Of A Fall Machshava 67 min
How Ones Freewill Affects Others Machshava 65 min
Idolatry And Astrology Machshava 74 min
Inspiration & Disappointment Machshava 67 min
Journey To The Self - Time & Timing Machshava 62 min