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How To Get High On Purim
Length: 61 min
Based on a Torah from R' Mottel Zilber (Stitchiner Admor) Through Purim, the two opposites of Haman and Mordechai are able to join together: "ad deloh yadah" (until you don't know [the difference between cursed is Haman and blessed is Mordechai]). Hodu and Kush: as far apart as the ends of the earth, or next to each other, like light and dark, good and evil? The ability of Purim to join opposites. According to the Medrash, since the time of creation, Hashem joins zivugim (match-making); he joins zachar (male) and nekeivah (female), which - in logic - are opposites. The perspecitve which is higher than simple logic - me'ayin yavoh ezri (from where will my help come?). The supernatural part of our neshamah (soul) which transcends logic and nature. Ratzon (will) is much higher, and well beyond chochmah (wisdom / understanding / logic) and is that which pushes a person to want something very deeply, yet can't explain why - he is, at that point connection to something very deep inside of himself. The root of a Jew is the trait of "ratzon elyon" (the highest desire), which is completely beyone our understanding, yet completely connects us to Hashem. Where exactly is it that Amalek tries to put a wedge between Knesses Yisrael and Hashem? The two ancient gematrias (numerical equivalents) of Amalek. Amalek tries to move us from the world of higher ratzon into rationality, into the need to understand. The greatness of giving up our need to understand.