Rabbi Shmuel Irons

Rabbi Shmuel Irons was born in Los Angeles, California. He attended the Ner Israel Rabbinical College (Baltimore) and completed his studies at Beth Medrash Govoha (Lakewood). In 1974, Rabbi Irons became co-founder and Rosh HaKollel (Dean) of the Kollel Institute of Greater Detroit, the first community Kollel in the United States, and a center of advanced Talmudic learning, outreach and adult education. In addition, Rabbi Irons is the chairman of the Board of Education of Yeshiva Beth Yehuda, Southfield, Michigan and a member of the Rabbinical Court of the Vaad HaRabbonim of Greater Detroit.
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07 - Unpaid Ransom Blossoming of Ashkenazic Jewry 90 min
07 - Yehoshua Ben Perachiah Wisdom of the Eternal People 65 min
08 - Age of the Earth II The Epic of Creation - Part I 85 min
08 - Baghdad The Gaonic Era 80 min
08 - Bridge Between Two Worlds Blossoming of Ashkenazic Jewry 88 min
08 - David: Saint and Scholar Series XVI 107 min
08 - From the Red Sea to Amalek Creation of the Eternal People - Exodus 88 min
08 - Hezekiah & the Defeat of Assyri Series XVII 95 min
08 - Israel Jacobson and the Beginnings of Reform From Ghetto to Emancipation - Pt 1 84 min
08 - Joshua and the Conquest of the West Bank From Sinai to Shiloh 82 min
08 - Medical Cures in the Talmud Light of Eternal People-III 76 min
08 - Nachmanides and Mysticism Golden Age of Spain 93 min
08 - Noah and the Great Flood The Epic of Creation - Part II 87 min
08 - R' Elazar ben Azaria From Yavneh to Betar 88 min
08 - R' Moshe Chaim Luzzatto I Age of Upheaval 84 min
08 - R. Aaron of Karlin & His Successors Early Hasidic Masters 85 min
08 - Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch and the Creation of a Transformed Orthodoxy From Ghetto to Emancipation - Pt 2 91 min
08 - Rav Mendel of Vitebsk and the Founding of the Hasidic Communities in Eretz Yisrael The Return to Zion - Part 1 71 min
08 - Rav Moshe Cordovero Rav Yosef Caro Era 92 min
08 - Secrets of Communication Light of the Eternal People-II 82 min
08 - Shimon Ben Shetach Wisdom of the Eternal People 67 min
08 - Sibling Rivalry Creation of the Eternal People - Genesis 91 min
08 - The Greek Translation The Exile of the 10 Tribes 69 min
08 - The Humble Patriarch The Completion of the Mishna 82 min
08 - The Sages Of Pumbedeisa The Creation of the Talmud 91 min