Rabbi Shmuel Irons

Rabbi Shmuel Irons was born in Los Angeles, California. He attended the Ner Israel Rabbinical College (Baltimore) and completed his studies at Beth Medrash Govoha (Lakewood). In 1974, Rabbi Irons became co-founder and Rosh HaKollel (Dean) of the Kollel Institute of Greater Detroit, the first community Kollel in the United States, and a center of advanced Talmudic learning, outreach and adult education. In addition, Rabbi Irons is the chairman of the Board of Education of Yeshiva Beth Yehuda, Southfield, Michigan and a member of the Rabbinical Court of the Vaad HaRabbonim of Greater Detroit.
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01 - Rav Shmuel Hanagid Golden Age of Spain 93 min
01 - Reign of King Solomon Series XVII 90 min
01 - Revolt The Completion of the Mishna 91 min
01 - Shmuel Hakatan & Christainity From Yavneh to Betar 88 min
01 - The Aftermath of the Expulsio Rav Yosef Caro Era 79 min
01 - The Ascendancy Of Babylon The Creation of the Talmud 90 min
01 - The Gaonic Era The Gaonic Era 92 min
01 - The Life of Rashi Blossoming of Ashkenazic Jewry 89 min
01 - The Torah: The Legacy of Sinai From Sinai to Shiloh 79 min
01 - Torah: Blueprint of History The Epic of Creation - Part I 97 min
01 - Water: Source of Life The Epic of Creation - Part II 88 min
02 - Abraham and Nimrod Creation of the Eternal People - Genesis 90 min
02 - Aftermath of King Solomon Series XVII 95 min
02 - Christianity on the March The Gaonic Era 90 min
02 - Final Days of Rabbi Akiva The Completion of the Mishna 93 min
02 - Jephtach Series XVI 88 min
02 - Neshama-Life After Death Self FulfillmentThroughPrayer 65 min
02 - Prepare for the Afterlife Light of Eternal People-III 77 min
02 - R' Shimon ben Gamliel From Yavneh to Betar 92 min
02 - R. Nachman of Bratzlav - Controversial Genius Early Hasidic Masters 90 min
02 - Rav Yitzchak Alfasi Golden Age of Spain 89 min
02 - The Crusades Blossoming of Ashkenazic Jewry 90 min
02 - The Genius Of Nehardea The Creation of the Talmud 84 min
02 - The Marrano Haven: Amsterdam Age of Upheaval 75 min
02 - The Mishkan (Tabernacle): The Home of the Divine Presence From Sinai to Shiloh 76 min