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04 Asifa for Technology Awareness - Rabbi Moshe Drew
Length: 14 min

Baltimore, MD - January 7, 2018 - On Tuesday evening, January 2, an overwhelming turnout of local rabbonim, mosdos representatives, and community members gathered together in Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion to learn about the impact that our latest technology has on our greater, global community and what we can do in response.

The event was sponsored by Technology Awareness Group (TAG), which provides free filtering for computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets and many other digital devices, as a community service to prevent access to inappropriate material. The organization operates 40 offices in 16 countries and territories around the world, and is staffed by over 400 volunteers. Reb Moshe Herzog, a member of the board of TAG’s Baltimore branch, which opened its doors 2-1/2 years ago, was the emcee for the evening. (Description adapted from