Rabbi Yaacov Haber

Rabbi Haber received his semicha from Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg of Yeshivah Torah Ore and by Chacham Avrohom Ochana of Yeshivah Ahavat Shalom. After receiving semicha, Rabbi Haber returned to his hometown of Buffalo, New York in 1979 with his family to found the Torah Center of Buffalo. During his ten years in Buffalo he served as spiritual leader, first of the Amherst Synagogue and later at the Saranac Synagogue. From there he went to Melbourne, Australia where the Rabbi founded the Australian Institute of Torah, an adult education program that ran in almost every synagogue in Australia and was attended by thousands of men and women. Rabbi Haber was then brought back to the United States to become the National Director of Jewish Education for the Orthodox Union. In that capacity he created the extremely popular Pardes Project and many other learning programs. Rabbi Haber was the Rav of Bais Torah Congregation in Monsey, New York where he succeeded Rabbi Berel Wein in leading one of Monsey's most dynamic communities. Rabbi Haber remains a sought after lecturer and speaker and has been instrumental in forming numerous learning programs throughout the USA, Canada and Australia. His easy listening approach to teaching Judaism to men and women of all walks of life has been widely acclaimed. Currently, Rabbi Haber serves as President of www.TorahLab.com.
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Parshas Lech Lecha - 10 Plagues & The 10 Test Of Avraham Lech Lecha 37 min
Parshas Vayeichi - Following The Path Of Yaakov & Yosef Vayechi 33 min
Parshas Beshalach - Az Yashir & The Splitting Of The Sea Beshalach 47 min
Parshas Beshalach - The Song Of The Sea Beshalach 24 min
Parshas Ki Seitzei - What About Amalek Beshalach 19 min
Coming Down From Har Sinai Yisro 29 min
Parshas Mishpatim Mishpatim 37 min
Parshas Mishpatim - Helping Out The Enemy Mishpatim 9 min
Parshas Mishpatim - The Order Of Elu Mishpatim Mishpatim 39 min
Parshas Korach - Making A Rebellion Korach 1 min
What Happened To Bezalel Pinchas 28 min
Parshas Ki Savo Ki Savo 2 min
Matzah Lightness To Dark - Part 1 Pesach 33 min
Matzah Lightness To Dark - Part 2 Pesach 36 min
Naasay V'nishma At Har Sinai Shavuos 30 min
A Deep Understanding Of Michilah Chodesh Elul 41 min
How To Ask And Give Michilah Chodesh Elul 32 min
Repentence In Public Chodesh Elul 47 min
The Beginnings Of Teshuva Chodesh Elul 5 min
The Difference Between Teshuva Of Fear & Love Chodesh Elul 48 min
What Is The Purpose Of Teshuva? Chodesh Elul 4 min
Doing Repentence & Yom Kippur Yom Kippur 51 min
Mitzvah Of Reading The Megillah Purim 31 min
Purim - Part 1 Purim 42 min
Purim - Part 2 Purim 20 min