Rabbi Yitzchak Scher

Rabbi Yitzchak Scher is a Rebbe in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and a senior member of Kollel Zichron Amram.He is a popular speaker around the Greater Washington, D.C. area and is well known for his weekly lunch and learn series. Rabbi Scher serves as the Masmidim Director and Camp Rav of Camp Chaverim in Fannettsburg, PA.
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The Pursuit of Happiness Philosophy 46 min
Mitzvos 18 - Honoring Our Parents Parenting 41 min
Mitzvos 83b- Baruch Shem- Lofty But Undignified Praise Tefilla 40 min
Mitzvos 83c - Vahavta -Our Love Tefilla 48 min
Mitzvos 83d - V'Haya- Reward,Punishment, Mitzvos Tefilla 36 min
Mitzvos 83e-VaYomer-our perspective on daily life Tefilla 15 min
Tefillah 2 Formal vs. Spontaneous Prayer Davening 40 min
Tefillah 3- Tip and Techiques for Connecting to Prayer Davening 39 min
Tefillah 4 - How To Get Hashem to Listen Davening 42 min
Tefillah 5 - Prayer as an essential part of Teshuvah Davening 37 min
The Land of Israel (Without Politics) Eretz Yisroel 45 min
Accepting Suffering Pirkei Avos 17 min
Ask and Answer Pirkei Avos 14 min
Bearing our Friends Burden Pirkei Avos 5 min
Bearing our Friends Burden(2) Pirkei Avos 14 min
Binas Halev, Eima, Yirah Pirkei Avos 20 min
Dikduk Chaverim Pirkei Avos 16 min
Emunas Chochomim Pirkei Avos 16 min
Focusing your Learning Pirkei Avos 14 min
Good Heart Pirkei Avos 16 min
Intro to 48 ways Pirkei Avos 9 min
Judging Him for Merit Pirkei Avos 14 min
Learning in order to Teach and Do Pirkei Avos 11 min
Listen and Add Pirkei Avos 14 min
Making his Rebbe Wiser Pirkei Avos 14 min