Rabbi Yitzchak Scher

Rabbi Yitzchak Scher is a Rebbe in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and a senior member of Kollel Zichron Amram.He is a popular speaker around the Greater Washington, D.C. area and is well known for his weekly lunch and learn series. Rabbi Scher serves as the Masmidim Director and Camp Rav of Camp Chaverim in Fannettsburg, PA.
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Giving Our Lives Al Kiddush Hashem Machshava 44 min
Living As An Angel Machshava 35 min
Middos 1- Intro to working on Mussar 38 min
Middos 2 - Kindness & Arroganc Mussar 49 min
Middos 3 - Arrogance & Anger Mussar 50 min
Middos 4 - Jealousy, Happiness Mussar 45 min
Models of Teshuva in the Torah Mussar 38 min
Models of Teshuva in the Torah Part 2 Mussar 48 min
Models of Teshuva in the Torah Part 3 Mussar 51 min
Moshe The Faithful Servant & Our Own Faith Machshava 44 min
The Importance of Hakaras HaTov Mussar 58 min
The Moon, the Sun and The Eclipse Machshava 42 min
The Seder and Ahavas Yisroel Mussar 38 min
Torah Perspective on Summer Vacations Mussar 52 min
Yissachar - A Portrait Of A Talmid Chacham Machshava 40 min
Yosef And Yehuda- Perfection & Penitence Machshava 36 min
Amalek's challenge to our Emunah Emunah 50 min
Emunah - the three pathways to Emunah Emunah 42 min
Emunah through Hashgacha- divine providence Emunah 43 min
Emunah through nature Emunah 45 min
Emunah through the Torah Emunah 44 min
Emunah- Constant Connection Emunah 40 min
Emunah- it's in our DNA Emunah 41 min
Submitting To Our King Emunah 47 min
Hashem's Warm Embrace Chizuk 38 min