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Rabbi Reuvein Feinstein - Shailos U'teshuvos - Yeshiva Day Schools 2008
Length: 60 min
This Session Was Given By R' Reuvein Feinstein At The Torah Umesorah Convetion On 2008. After Some Introductory Remarks, People Were Able To Ask Questions And The Following Topics Were Discussed: 7th Grade Boys Set Fire In Hallway Of School And Other Boys Didnt React. How Should Anmimistration Deal With The Boys Who Set The Fire And To The Rest Of The Class? Child With Tourrette's Syndrome And Calls Out Innapropriate Things All The Time Wants To Go To Community Camp-Do They Have To Accept Him? Children Stealing-Is It A Sickness Or A Yetzer Hara? Is It Yashrus (Ethical) To Give A Rebbe A Small Salary Relying On His Goverment Benefits As Part Of His Income? Can You Punish A Child By Taking Something Away From Him. A Student That Is A Yarei Shamayim Who Wants To Go To A Good Yeshiva But His Parents Want Him To Go To A School With Very Negative Influences. After All Diplomacy With The Parents Fails, Can You Tell Him Not To Listen To His Parents? Is There A Purpose In Teaching Certain Halachos When You Know The Students Won't Listen? If Someone Is Teaching In A School Where They Say Hallel On Yom Haatzmaut And They Daven With The Kids How Should They Deal With It-What Can They Say, Etc. Can Younger Children Bench Without Hashem's Name If They Didnt Have Bread So That The Class Benches Together Without Kids Wandering Off Or Misbehaving. What To Do If A Kid Brings A Non-Kosher Snack To School.
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