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End On A Good Note
Length: 60 min
Based on a ma'amar in the sefer Shemen LaMa'or by R' Shmayah Noach, the grandson of the Tzemach Tzeddek. The way a baby's gender is determined. When a song is in the masculine or the feminine. The entire history of the Jewish people can be described by a woman conceiving, going through labor pains, birth pangs, and repeating that cycle all over again. Temporary, unstable, or firm, stable, and permanent songs and redemption. The different types of redemption - are we seeking out Hashem (awakeing from below), or are we waiting for Hashem to initiate the ge'ulah (redemption) with an awakening from above? The machlokes (disagreement) between R' Eliezer and R' Yehoshua about the time of redemption. The difference between rain and dew. Are they eyes of a dove faithful or deceiving? The sweetest sound - a Jew davening (praying). At the end of time, our feet (the lowest of us) will redeem our head (the loftiest ones).