Rabbi Ariel Shoshan

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan is the Rav of Ahavas Torah: the Scottsdale Torah Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Rabbi Shoshan is a graduate of both Ner Israel Rabbinical College and the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He is formerly the director of the Phoenix Community Kollel and is a member of the Conference of Synagogue Rabbonim of Agudath Israel of America, and is a teacher at both Torah Day School of Phoenix and Yeshiva High School of Arizona. He has been married to the former Ayala Malka Feldman since 1999.
Email contact: info@ahavastorah.org
Website: https://www.ahavastorah.org/
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Tu B Av the Beginning of It All Moadim 54 min
Chanukah, Winter, and Time Chanukah 56 min
The Kabbalah of Chanukah Chanukah 53 min
01 Finding G-d in the Details Emunah 58 min
02 Rav Desslers Choosing Point Emunah 56 min
03 Wheres the Recognition - The Role of G-d Emunah 63 min
04 Abraham & Embracing Counterculturalism Emunah 62 min
05 Reward and the Eternal Soul Emunah 44 min
Complementary Opposites 1 - Love and Awe Emunah 69 min
Complementary Opposites 2 - Humility and Confidence Emunah 67 min
Complementary Opposites 3 - Communal and Individual Emunah 54 min
Complementary Opposites 4 - Adults and Children Emunah 40 min
On Judaism 01- Teshuva Emunah 64 min
On Judaism 02 - Hashem Emunah 73 min
On Judaism 03 - Prayer Emunah 63 min
On Judaism 04 - Kedusha Emunah 58 min
On Judaism 05 - Mitzvah Emunah 70 min
On Judaism 06 - Shabbos Emunah 68 min
On Judaism 07 - Yom Tov Emunah 62 min
On Judaism 08 - Kashrut Emunah 66 min
On Judaism 09 - Torah Emunah 52 min
Overcoming Life's Greatest Spiritual Challenges Chizuk 63 min
Personal Potential & the Tests of Abraham Chizuk 53 min
Spirituality of Time, the Calendar , and Selichos Chizuk 35 min
Teshuva Drasha 5773 by Rabbi Ariel Shoshan Chizuk 48 min