Rabbi Reuven Stein

Rabbi Reuven Stein
Director of Supervision
Atlanta Kashrus Commission

Rabbi Stein Daf Yomi Maggid Shir

Rabbi Reuven Stein’s Daf Yomi shiur for men is in its third cycle through the entire Talmud! Participants travel together to the great Daf Yomi Siyum HaShas in New York City every 7-1/2 years!

Rabbi Reuven Stein's classes are peppered with plenty of Torah ethics and morals as our biblical history comes to life. The class is currently studying Haftarahs


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Esther (03) Esther Becomes Queen 02-09-15 Sefer Esther 46 min
Esther (04) Haman 02-16-15 Sefer Esther 50 min
Esther (05) The Fast of Esther 02-23-15 Sefer Esther 40 min
Esther (06) Haman is Hanged 03-02-15 Sefer Esther 43 min
Esther (07) For the Jews there was Great Joy 03-16-15 Sefer Esther 48 min
Getting Ready for Pesach 03-12-13 Hilchos Pesach 69 min
Kosher for Pesach 04-06-11 Hilchos Pesach 62 min
Kosher for Pesach 5767 Hilchos Pesach 43 min
Kosher for Pesach Class 04-03-14 Hilchos Pesach 63 min
Preparing Your Kitchen for Pesach 04-03-11 Hilchos Pesach 60 min
Your Kitchen for Pesach 5768 Hilchos Pesach 49 min
Checking for Bugs 02-18-14 Kashrus 53 min
Kashrus in the Modern Kitchen (1) 01-09-08 Kashrus 56 min
Kashrus in the Modern Kitchen (2) 01-16-08 Kashrus 54 min
Kashrus in the Modern Kitchen (3) 01-23-08 Kashrus 57 min
Kosher Class (2) 12-13-09 Kashrus 54 min
Kosher Class (3) 12-20-09 Kashrus 30 min
Hagaddah Treasures Part 1 03-23-15 Pesach 52 min
Hagaddah Treasures Part 2 03-30-15 Pesach 18 min
Haftara Tisha B'Av 07-31-17 Tisha B'Av 34 min
How to do Purim Purim 17 min
Emes (Truth) 11-27-10 Mussar 42 min