Rabbi Menashe Goldberger

Rabbi Goldberger is the COO of the Kollel, while also maintaining his teaching responsibilities in the Beis Midrash in Toco Hills. Rabbi Goldberger was ordained at Ner Israel Rabbinical College and has a Bachelors of Talmudic Law from there as well. His responsibilities at the Kollel currently include programming, fund-raising, shlepping, cup-stocking, and all other aspects of maintaining the Kollel's largest facility. Rabbi Goldberger is known for his singing talent and is in fact the son of a 7th generation cantor. Born in Akron Ohio, Rabbi Goldberger was raised in Silver Spring, MD and joined the Kollel in 1989 during which he also pursued 9 year career with the Torah Day School of Atlanta. Rabbi and Mrs. Goldberger have recently joined the Kollel Grandparents' club!

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Ki Teitze 5769 Three cycles - Chumash, Jewish History, Holidays Ki Setzei 26 min
Ki Teitzei 5767 Ki Setzei 31 min
Ki Teitzei 5771 More Daas Torah - children and sacrifice Ki Setzei 31 min
Ki Savo 5764 Kuntres HaBechira - part 2 Ki Savo 34 min
Ki Savo 5765 Bikkurim and intimacy in Emunah and Tefila Ki Savo 47 min
Ki Savo 5769 Anava - Bikkurim and gratitude - Rav Ezra Neuberger Ki Savo 30 min
Ki Savo 5773 Principle of Faith 5 - All that we have comes from Hashem and Cultivating true gratitude and happiness Ki Savo 44 min
Ki Tavo 5766 Ki Savo 33 min
Ki Tavo 5767 Ki Savo 24 min
Ki Tavo 5771 We we need Daas Torah Ki Savo 32 min
KiSavo 5768 Torah Study - Its purpose and its joy Ki Savo 50 min
Nitzavim 5765 Our covenant with each other and Hashems covenant with us Nitzavim 43 min
Nitzavim 5768 Torah Study Teshuva and Mashiach Nitzavim 46 min
Nitzavim-Vayelech 5766 Nitzavim 43 min
Nitzavim-Vayelech 5769 Yiras Chait and playing the piano Nitzavim 41 min
Nitzavim;Vayelech 5773 The secret of life is that it is all up to us Nitzavim 38 min
Vayeilech-5767 Nitzavim 41 min
Vayeilech 5766 Vayelech 46 min
Vayeilech 5768 Torah Study and Chachmas HaYirah Vayelech 50 min
Haazinu 5764 The Good News and the Bad News Haazinu 41 min
Haazinu 5767 Haazinu 35 min
Haazinu 5769 Introducing the theme of Tefila for 5770 Haazinu 47 min
01 Introduction Pesach 1 min
02 Order of the Seder Pesach 1 min
03 Kiddush Pesach 1 min