Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein is the founder of Ohr Yitzchak, Ateres Naava Seminary for Girls, and Ohr Naava Women's Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Ohr Naava is a unique program designed for women ages 17 through 120 who are interested in furthering their Torah experience. The program, under the leadership of Rabbi Zachariah Wallerstein, started out as a Wednesday evening class in a small classroom known as a "Chabura." It brought together girls who had just returned from studying in Israel, college students who needed a weekly moment of inspiration, and most of all, Jews of different backgrounds with one common goal, to grow and change. The signature of Ohr Naava is to provide a multitude of programs, absolutely free of charge, for women wishing to make the time to grow, change and further their Torah knowledge. Rabbi Wallerstein's website is http://www.ohrnaava.net.
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Its Not Enough Just to Hear You Have to Listen Emunah 66 min
Main Ingredient for Mashiach.. Look at the Person Across the Table Emunah 44 min
Nobody to Turn to but Hashem Emunah 69 min
Put Out Your Hand Even if it Wont Reach Emunah 44 min
The Hunt For Emuna Emunah 80 min
The Power Of The Hand That Yeilds The Stick Emunah 73 min
Be jealous of yourself Chizuk 59 min
Connecting With Ourselves Chizuk 76 min
Exposing Your True Will Chizuk 52 min
Finding Your Identity 03-05-08 Chizuk 57 min
Lighting An Eternal Flame Chizuk 67 min
Ohr Naava 08-13-08 Chizuk 32 min
Regaining Your Royalty 07-02-08 Chizuk 69 min
The Firefly Within You 07-09-08 Chizuk 56 min
The Spy In All Of Us 06-18-08 Chizuk 70 min
Turning The Desert Into An Oasis 08-05-08 Chizuk 93 min
You are the Miracle Chizuk 72 min
Accepting A Tragedy Nisyonos 53 min
Bringing Out The Best In Your Nisyonos 40 min
Changing Your Lifem Nisyonos 66 min
It's Over When The Lights Turn Nisyonos 71 min
Learning To Cope Nisyonos 60 min
Living In Darkness Nisyonos 70 min
Making Sand Into Pearls Nisyonos 71 min
Paving The Roads Of Life Nisyonos 71 min